About Family Inc.


“The number one problem in today’s generation and economy is lack of financial literacy.” Alan Greenspan

The need for better financial literacy among American citizens is readily apparent:

  • 40% of adults gave themselves a C, D or F on their knowledge of personal finance
  • 60% of adults admit to having no budget
  • Fewer than half of Americans have a contingency fund for unexpected emergencies or expenses
  • Average family credit card and student loan debt is $15,000 and $33,000, respectively
  • Almost 50% of American households have no savings
  • 85% of Americans surveyed rate themselves as concerned or very concerned about their retirement preparedness
  • These challenges are not just limited to the underemployed or undereducated. Even those who are fortunate to have a good job and possess significant savings worry about their financial security in retirement and lack the skills and tools to confidently plan their family’s financial future.

The importance of financial literacy will continue to increase as life expectancy rises, job mobility increases, safety net programs such as social security are threatened and financial markets become increasingly complicated with an ever growing array of products and services. Inadequate education regarding financial literacy diminishes quality of life among Americans, but also threatens our security, competitiveness and political process.


Family Inc. empowers you through financial education and serves as a one-stop guide to achieving financial security and independence. Through the Family Inc. framework, the book and website offer tools for navigating the decisions you and your family will face throughout a lifetime—education, career, investment, insurance, retirement, charitable giving and estate planning— and highlights how these choices are related.  Regardless of your life stage or financial profile, Family Inc. will give you the knowledge, tools and confidence to manage your family’s finances and help you make the most of your opportunities.


Family Inc. is based on proven corporate finance concepts modified to address your family’s personal financial planning needs.  Take advantage of the best practices in financial management from Corporate America and elite business schools to increase your financial security, effectively manage your advisors and teach other family members the “financial game of life”.


  • You are a business owner—your business sells labor and manages assets to support the spending needs of your family throughout a lifetime
  • Labor is likely your largest asset and must be actively managed just like financial capital
  • The surest path to financial security is to develop and effectively manage your labor. You must act like an entrepreneur with your labor regardless of your profession.
  • Common rules of investing and financial management result in sub-optimal outcomes because they a) ignore your largest asset (labor), b) optimize the wrong goals (short-term gross returns at the expense of long-term purchasing power) and c) underestimate a family’s true investment horizon.
  • Combining your labor and capital through entrepreneurship is an effective way to maximize the value of all of your assets.
  • Every family needs a CFO!