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“Stated succinctly, Family Inc. is one of the best books on family / personal finance I have read—and I have read many. McCormick’s unique approach to labor and asset accumulation sets the foundation for an enjoyable and relevant reading from start to finish, and the personal examples kept it real and engaging.”

James Schenck, CEO, Pentagon Federal Credit Union

FAMILY INC.: Using Business Principles to Maximize Your Family’s Wealth
by Douglas P. McCormick

Achieving financial independence and security is a challenge for most Americans. Unfortunately, it is even harder for most active duty service members and veterans given the unique financial challenges they face because of their service. Written by a veteran Army officer-turned-professional investor, Family Inc. is the step-by-step guide to handling your family’s finances with the insight and strategy of a corporate Chief Financial Officer.

Your family is like a business, and in Family Inc., you will learn to:

  • Calculate the lifetime value of your labor and increase that value – and your net worth – through smart education and career decisions
  • Build a customized financial management program and manage it with calculators, income statements, balance sheets, and analytics, all available at
  • Plan for retirement while jump-starting your children’s success


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