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Promoting Veteran Empowerment Begins With Understanding The Challenges

Economic empowerment requires much more than understanding how to manage money and save for retirement–it is achieved through sound understanding and management of major life choices regarding education, career management, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.  Soldiers, veterans and their families face unique circumstances in all four of these areas given their decision to serve.  They will have different educational opportunities, different career trajectories which likely include frequent moves and a career transition from service, different financial circumstances such as health insurance, life insurance, taxes, and retirement benefits, and they often have the life experiences and character attributes required for successful entrepreneurship.

While relevant for all Americans, Family Inc. was specifically written to serve as a valuable resource for our service members, veterans and their families in their unique journey to economic empowerment.  Given this mandate, Doug has written and lectured extensively on this topic and partnered with numerous veteran service organizations with complementary mandates relating to education, career transition, financial well being, entrepreneurship and community engagement to raise money, donate books, or create content to promote economic empowerment.


Family Inc. Partners with Leading Veteran Service Organizations:

Family Inc. has worked with many of today’s leading Veteran Service Organizations to create financial literacy educational content and  promote veteran economic empowerment to include:

Thought Leadership Regarding Veteran Empowerment

Doug’s thought leadership on Veteran Economic Empowerment has also been featured in leading national media outlets to include:

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