Family Inc.

Using Business Principles To Maximize Your Family's Wealth

by Douglas McCormick

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Actionable, intelligent CFO training for the Family Chief Financial Officer

Managing your family’s wealth is complicated. It involves much more than simply balancing a checkbook, and if you’ve tried to educate yourself on the topic before, you know just setting goals isn’t going to get you there either. Your family is like a business, and it needs a chief financial officer who can assist in career and education decisions, budgeting, investing, managing risk, and retirement planning. Family Inc. is the step-by-step guide to handling your family’s finances with the insight and strategy of a corporate CFO.

The CFO of the family must effectively manage two types of assets—your labor and your financial capital. Before you can manage wealth you must acquire it, and here this peerless resource offers expert insight where others don’t by showing you how to approach the way your family earns money with sophisticated, simple, and proven techniques businesses use to succeed. Drawing from his investing and boardroom experiences regarding every aspect of a business, from strategic planning, financial analysis, budgeting, capital raising and acquisitions, McCormick prepares you with the mental agility and practical tools to take control of your family’s financial security by:

  • Calculating your Expected Lifetime Labor Value and determining how you can improve that value through education and career choice
  • Determining the kinds and amounts of insurance your family business requires
  • Building your family’s unique asset management program based on its goals and managing it with income statements, balance sheets, and analytics, as well as online tools in the resources section of this website
  • Planning for later in life when you will differently optimize your assets, protect your spending power, and eventually pass wealth to your heirs

Regardless of your life stage or financial situation, Family Inc. will help you manage life’s financial risks to make the most of your opportunities.  Because the financial security of your family is the bottom line, make Family Inc. part of your new job description.

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